For kitties grooming appointments that are scheduled Monday through Friday, we kindly ask that guardians drop off their kitties to The Cats’ Inn between 8:30-10:00AM and Saturdays 9am-10am. We will call you right when they are done with their spa day, however if you cannot pick them up right after we call you, then you can pick them up any time before 5:00PM. We like to offer our guests some flexibility.

For Saturday grooming appointments, we kindly ask that guardians drop off their kitties between 9am and 10am. We have shorter business hours and close at 1pm on this day. However, in some cases, some kitties may take longer and you may receive a call after 1PM that they are ready to be picked up. If you are a new or previous client and your cat is 20 years or older, the groomer has the right to decline services based on the cats health. We will not perform any lion cuts or body shaves on elderly cats whose health we deem to be compromised by this type of grooming.

  • All kitties are handled by an expert, gentle groomer and will be given lots of TLC and special attention.
  • Food & beverages provided during spa visit. Please indicate preferences on New Guest Form.
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs are available within an 8 mile radius, an additional charge applies outside this radius.
  • No Discounts, coupons or other offers may be combined with spa packages.
Note: There are a few cats that we just cannot do and we’ll let you know this if we think we might have trouble or if your cat might need to be sedated. If you think your cat needs sedation, please ask your vet for a prescription before bringing them in for grooming. A sedative pill normally takes 2-3 hours to kick in.