Don't Worry Little Furry

We Know You Might Have a Lot Of Questions about how we do things here at The Cats' Inn. The answers are below.

The Cats' Inn

Boarding FAQs

Is there a discount for long term boarding?

We currently have no discount as it is common for a cat’s stay to average 1-3 weeks. However, for an extended stay (such as a month or longer) see our page on Long Term Boarding for more information.

My cat is very spoiled and is used to a whole house (with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms), I don’t want him cooped up in a tiny cage. Can I have the big one?

We offer a wide array of suites to suit each cat’s needs. We can reserve a Kitty Cottage, or Kitty Villa. For a complete description of all our accommodations, please visit our Suites And Rates page. Otherwise they are first come, first serve. Cats are never cooped up in kennels at The Cats’ Inn, they are allowed to roam in one of our 8 different playrooms between 3-6 hours per day depending on the cat’s preference. This is their world!

Is there a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required for all stays exceeding 14 nights, thereafter payment updates will be charged every 14 nights. We also require your credit card number on file. Due to a long stay, we need to make sure that we are prepared should there be any emergency and your cat needs to be taken to the vet.

How big are the suites there?

Our Suites And Rates page has the dimensions and photos ​for every boarding option available at The Cats' Inn.

My cat likes to sleep with my lucky polka dot t-shirt, can I bring it to put in his suite for his snuggle benefit?

You are welcome to bring any special items that your cat might like. However, please try to label them the best that you can because there is a possibility that it will get lost as we do the laundry every day and The Cats’ Inn will not be responsible for items left behind.

How many cats can stay at your facility at one time?

It’s hard to say. We are quite busy during the summer and holidays, and we can’t give an exact number.

If my cat needs to go to the vet while he/she is boarding with you, is there an extra charge? Will you take it to my vet?

We will charge for transportation and additional time. If it is a planned visit we will need your credit card information on file. We will try to take your kitty to their original veterinarian and take them to Sage Veterinary Hospital in case of an emergency. $55 for the first hr and an additional $45 for each additional hr.

My cat needs medication, is that a problem? Is there an extra charge?

Please see our Medications page for information regarding medication for you cat.

Why are you closed to the public on Sundays?

The cats caretakers are here 365 days a year to take care of the kitties, which includes Sundays. We do not have front office staff come in on this one day; the reason for this is we need one day a week to deep-clean and do facility maintenance to ensure the best environment for all of the cats.


Will my cat need sedation to be groomed?

Not all cats need to be sedated. Most don’t. Those cats that are unable to be groomed without sedation will need to have the parent bring it in from the vet as we cannot prescribe it. We will administer it if needed. It takes an hour to 2 hrs before the effects of the sedation set in.


What is the cancellation policy?

All no shows or same day cancellations for boarding reservations are $50
Holidays boarding cancellations are $100
Cancellations for no show or same day cancellation grooming on shave days is $50
Cancellation for no show or same day cancellation grooming on bath days is $25

I need transportation. How much is it?

Please see our Kitty Limo page for transportation rates and more details.

What about fleas? My cat is an indoor kitty – I don’t want it to catch fleas.

We have a “no flea” policy. Any cat that is spotted with fleas will be given Capstar, Advocate ® or Cheristin ® flea control at the parents’ expense. It is always best to apply this when they first come in or at home.

What about the fact that I own the world’s cutest kitten?

We will gladly volunteer to spend extra time with your kitten and make sure it has plenty of time out to explore their new surroundings!

What happens if there is a fire while you are gone during the night?

Our building is set up with a sprinkler system and the Belmont fire department is ~3 miles away. They would respond almost immediately. Plus we have a security and fire monitoring system that is monitored 24 hrs/day. We also have a 24 hour on site camera surveillance system.

My cat is old and I insist that it does not need to be vaccinated.

Unless your cat is over 9 years old and you have a letter from your vet that recommends that they not be vaccinated any longer, we can exempt them otherwise we must insist that the cat does not board with us unless it is current. All cats other than those exempt must have their FVRCP before they can board – this is for the safety of all our kitties.

What if I am a current customer and my cat is 18 years or older?

If you are a current customer and your cat is 18 years or older, we are now moving towards a new policy of not boarding elderly cats that require closer medical attention. If you wish to still board them with us, we will require a signed permission slip to do so. This permission slip states that you have been strongly advised to board your cat at a vet, for their safety and well being, and that you have chosen to decline this, and have chosen to have your cat board with us at The Cats’ Inn.