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Our Cozy Cat Hotel has been around since the Mid Nineties! The Cats' Inn facility is designed to cater to all of our feline guests’ needs and make them feel like it's their home away from home.

The Cats' Inn

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The Cats’ Inn is a spacious 3400 sq ft facility complete with floor to ceiling windows letting in plenty of natural light for our furry friends to bask in. We practically took this building down to the studs when we moved in and made it into what we proudly call “your cats home away from home!” We had a vision to build a cat hotel to suit even the finickiest feline tastes in accommodations and entertainment. After years of research, cat napping, planning, dreaming, and then actually building all of that into one fantastic place we were finally able to move into our furrever home on June 21st of 2019!

Of course we didn’t skimp on the most state of the art ventilation system either, adding a one-ton, commercial grade rooftop HVAC unit which gives our kitties the absolute best in exhaust ventilation that vastly improves the air quality and overall health for everyone inside the building. We also have strategically placed the absolute best air purifiers from IQAir inside the facility that clean out 99.5% of all harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns and deliver pure air through 4 filtration stages. On the rare occasion a cat becomes ill we have a recovery area that is on a completely independent air supply from the rest of the The Cats’ Inn. No bad air circulating around here... just fresh air! The foundation was seismically retrofitted for more structural re-enforcement and we earthquake proofed our new home top to bottom. We completely replaced the electrical system and raised the roof for higher ceilings making some spacious villas for your favorite little furballs! The building is fully fire sprinklered and the Belmont Fire Station is on same block. And talk about a great location in Belmont too! We are 15 minutes from SFO, 35 mins to San Jose Airport and 45 mins away from Oakland Airport.

Inside this little slice of pure cat heaven we offer 30 Kitty Cottages complete with window views of the beautiful rolling hills of Belmont and overlooking the east side of our new facility. Or you can upgrade to a fabulous Townhouse Suite for those felines that like lots of paw stretching room. Movin’ on up we offer the much sought-after Kitty Villa Suite and the Cat Chateau for cat families (the technical term is a clowder… look it up!) up to 5 cats. Most of the Villas have floor to ceiling windows with cat cubbies and cat perches and the other features skylights that turn into solar nightlights once its dark outside. For siblings we offer our brand-new Adjoining Suites with a sliding door and our Double Suites. We also have single suites available to suit more moderate tastes placed throughout our facility to accommodate each cat’s unique tastes.​ But what has really made the kitties meow with joy? Our seven fabulous themed playrooms! At The Cats’ Inn every playroom is purrrfectly designed to entertain and suit kitties of all ages and purrrrsonality types. Inside we have a Tropical Playroom, an Egyptian Playroom, a Carnival Playroom, The Loft, The Boat Dock Playroom, and of course The Zen Playroom. And if your fur baby needs some outside time, we have our own little Golden Gate Park out back (but of course securely enclosed) under our covered patio for a nice breeze and the sound of birds chirping. Every playroom includes plenty of cat structures with cubbies to lounge in, climbing perches for kitties that prefer to be up high, and comfy window perches and plush princess beds for those that prefer the safer ground level lifestyle. At The Cats’ Inn every cat is allowed out between 3 to 6 hours per day and get extra cuddle time and plenty of TLC from all the true cat lovers working here.

We also expanded our grooming services, having discovered that cats do in fact like… baths! Our kitty spa guests love getting pampered and know how much their parents will love the way they feel and smell when they get picked up! We now offer a full range of services, including bubble baths, specialty shampoos for a nice spa package, Lion cuts, Body Mohawks, Panty shaves, Tummy Shaves, Soft Paw mani/pedis and nail trims. We've raised the bar for gentle grooming so much that even other groomers in the area consistently recommend our services. For those boarding guests that opt to forgo spa treatments during their stay, we still strive to ensure they leave us looking better than when they arrived. Daily brush-outs are a must!​

The most important thing to look for at any pet boarding facility is the staff! We look far and wide to find cat lovers to join our team who want the very best for your fur baby from the moment they came till the moment they are back in your loving arms. They are the ones who help make all the big things happen and then go out of their way to make sure the extra niceties are taken care of as well. We have 100s of pawsitive reviews from pet parents all over the Bay Area who can tell that everyone here works really hard to ensure the absolute best for you fur baby. If you have any other questions about The Cats' Inn we're always happy to answer them and are just a call or email away.

We look forward to meeting your kitty and Showing Them This
Truly beautiful Place for Your Cats to Call Their Home Away From Home.


When we opened our doors in 1995, The Cats’ Inn was just a tiny little Inn across the hall from where we are today. Since then we have grown our business by building trust. We take our responsibilities seriously and understand fully what it means to be the cats’ voices. In fact, one mantra we carry close to our hearts says: “Do the right thing even when no one is looking.” This sign hangs front and center at our Inn and we all know the importance and sacredness of doing right by all the cats that we are fortunate enough to be able to spend so much of our days with. ​​

We had a dream, a vision to be able to care for cats in an intimate and specialized way. We wanted to make sure every one of our feline friends felt safe and secure in a place that was suited for all different types of temperaments and personalities, and to create a home environment comfortable for all of our feline friends. At The Cats’ Inn we pride ourselves on being your cat’s home away from home, caring for each individual cat as if they were our own. Although we are not the Ritz Carlton for cats, we have always liked to think of ourselves as the B & B they fall in love with. ​

​ In 2002 we moved across the hall into a larger space and in 2010 we expanded once again. In the process, we took the opportunity to add a state-of-the-art ventilation system similar to those used in hospitals (far exceeding vet standards), and upgraded and expanded the cats suites and front office to make even our human friends feel more welcome. That space served us well all the way up until 2019 when we moved across the street to our current state of the art dream facility that you see in front of you today.