Our PLayrooms

We have 6 Fabulous Playrooms to entertain kitties of all ages, catwalks surrounding the facility, and the best views of the beautiful Belmont Hills


One of the most popular and fun filled playrooms to visit for the day….Yes you guessed it the Carnival Playroom. For those kitties that might be too scared to find a seat on the ferris wheel and enjoy the gorgeous view of the beautiful Belmont Hills, we have a meowtastic food stand to lounge in for the day where they can grab a corn dog with extra cat-sup and meowstard. Some kitties prefer to end their day here relaxing in the circus tent and looking at the fabulous fireworks or taking a souvenir picture in front of the funny cat clown frame or muscular cat frame and sending it to their parent/s.


What cat gets to say they’ve actually been to Egypt! If your cat decides to take an adventure in our Egyptian Playroom they won’t be able to stop telling you how pawsitively purrrrfect their day of exploring was. For those cats that enjoy the royal experience they might decide to hop on the Egyptian throne for the day and get a once in a lifetime experience as ruler of Egypt. Need something more exciting and adventurous than being ruler of Egypt? Well rumor has it that somewhere in the pyramid cubbies there’s an Egyptian treat hidden within and filled with cat nip galore.


Who wouldn’t want to take a nice and peaceful nap on a quiet dock with a beautiful view? If your kitty purrrrfers spending time without other kitties around them or only spending time with people then this playroom is ideal for them. Not only does it have a peaceful dock to lounge on with a secret cubby below to rest in but it also has kitty climbing shelves with windows that have a purrrfect view of the facility around them.


It’s just another day in paradise when your cat takes a visit into our lovely Tropical Playroom. Not only will they enjoy sprawling out and soaking up the sun but it also has individual Tropical kitty cabanas to lounge in for the day with the comfiest beds known to cat kind inside each one! Lounging not your kitties’ thing? Well then don’t let them miss out on climbing to the very top of our kitty climbing shelves and enjoy the beautiful view outside where you can see the birds fly by all day long.


It’s time to leave all worries behind and layout the mats for some kitty yoga. In this spacious and relaxing playroom, all kitties can take some time to lay back and relax. This playroom has various structures that the kitties can enjoy in multiples ways. It offers wonderful cat trees for some climbing to exercise the mussels and to file their nails on the way up. The wheel of relaxation where they can meditate or take wonderful kitty naps in a calming atmosphere. The Zen Playroom gives all kitties a chance to step away from any stress and fully soak in the aura of peace and quiet.


In our lovely Loft Playroom, your kitty will be fully rejuvenated as they soak in the warmth in a relaxing sunbath. Here the kitties have a chance to step back and enjoy some one-on-one playtime with our staff. If your kitty is a bit down or not feeling up to 100% they will spend time gathering energies with some well-deserved naps and lots of love and cuddles. They will have the wonderful sight of The City of Belmont as they sunbath and all the cubbies they want to sit back and relax.